Homemade granola FTW!

Baking for hours when it’s 38ºC is nooot really my idea of a good time. But, even then, a good time was had.

  1. Guess who just learned to make homemade granola? Yup. I’m so excited! Half the price, all the yums.. and, most of all, personalized. The first run burnt a little bit (you can see it in the header photo) – just because the recipe says “20 mins, stir, 20 mins” it doesn’t mean you should do exactly that. Next time around I did “15 mins, stir, 10 mins” and it was peeerfect. So, I combined both batches, and it’s yummy and crunchy and awesome.
  2. I haven’t been yogaing as much as normal lately.. last month was a weird month in general, which meant I only practiced about three or four times in the whole month.. and then this month I started with one of those colds that put you in bed rest for at least a weekend. Not good. But I’m finally getting out of it and I expect my practice to resume in a matter of days.
  3. Also, I just got an offer for a $20/year membership to the latest Yoga app I’ve fallen in love with: Down Dog. It was hard to delete that email but I don’t need the member-exclusive options right now… and I need to save my pennies. I might’ve regretted my latest ColourPop order when I had to pay off my credit card this month. I did destash all of my other lipsticks, though, and made a small profit.. so I don’t feel that bad. But, yes, back to saving cents and pennies. Or however the thing goes.
  4. I just finished another book I have to review but I thought you all needed a break from all of the reviews. I read it in a day. It was interesting, and fiiiinally a non-fiction book I don’t regret purchasing. You’ll hear about it soon. 🙂
  5. Candy Crush Saga addiction still going full force. Anyone still playing this? Anyone ever played this? Level 1,164 and crushing it. It’s so much fun. I’ve also started doing Jigsaw Puzzles on my phone.. the lack of actual, physical, real-life, catless space has made me make lemonade out of lemons. It’s not the same but it’s soo portable, and soo comfortable.
  6. What TV shows are you guys watching? I saw Stranger Things.. nostalgic and fun, but with all the hype it got I was expecting something better, to be honest. I also might’ve marathoned a show called UnREAL…. about TV producers in a “Bachelor” type show. It’s not even that good but I saw it in about a week. If that’s what producing is really like… then….. man. Poor reality show contestants, that’s all I’ll say.
  7. Also, during my recent sick weekend I marathoned “The Great British Bake Off“. Oh my goodness. Obsessed. I’m so sad Mel, Sue and Mary left, though.. Paul Hollywood is ok and all but Mel & Sue were hilarious, and Mary made the show. Also, one hour of uninterrupted baking and challenges was great. I think it will lose its charm when it moves to Channel 4, with the commercials and cliffhangers and… meh.
  8. I don’t usually follow the Olympic Games so closely, but I did this year. It was easy to do since my cable company decided to have about 14 channels dedicated to it 24/7. It was exciting.. I can only imagine what it felt like for the athletes!
  9. I finally feel like life has restarted for me. September was one of those months I lived as an ostrich.. with my head below ground. Between issues here and there, professionally and personally, I just dug my head and did what I needed to get through it. I got through it. Back to life!

A list for Monday!

Lists are fun! Are you a list person? I like making lists.

  1. Ridiculously excited about my inversions. I can now successfully do a bound headstand, feet on the wall. I kick my legs upward and they get to the wall easily, without my upper body collapsing. Nothing hurts.. when I get out of it, it’s usually because I try to hold it without the wall, which I still can’t. As long as I keep one foot on the wall, I’m good. I am so ridiculously excited that it’s all I can think about now. If I could use the computer while inverted, I would.
  2. I’ve been reading weekend books for the past few days now. I have seriously started and finished four books since Thursday. Not the kind I recommend to others…. and not the kind I go on record as having read…. but fun, stupid, romantic weekend books to get out of your head for a few hours. I’m probably ready to go back to my usual books now, though. Probably. These weekend books are too damn fun.
  3.  I think I’m ready to go back to making healthy eating choices. Hunting for yoga videos on YouTube, I came across someone who said a few things about fat yogis. While I don’t agree with 99% of what she said, there was something that resonated with me….. she said people who take yoga seriously don’t have unhealthy eating habits. Now, as you should all know if you are smart people who don’t assume things without investigating, unhealthy eating habits doesn’t mean fat, and healthy eating habits doesn’t mean thin. There are people with unhealthy eating habits that are thinner than you, me and everyone in between. “Thin” and “healthy” are two different concepts that don’t necessarily have to go hand in hand. I do agree that once you start taking yoga seriously and you start understanding many things about the practice, you don’t want to pollute your body, so that’s what I want to stop doing. More specifically, less sugar and carbs, more vegetables and protein. My goal is to be a fit yogi… whether it means fat or thin, I couldn’t care less.
  4. While in the topic of yoga, GUESS WHO WILL SOON BE THE PROUD OWNER OF A YOGA WHEEL??!?!!??!?!? Well, I’m already the owner, I’m just waiting for it to roll its way down to me. I got a Seigla yoga wheel (Amazon link) in a gorgeous aqua+black combination.. at 51% off I couldn’t not, know what I mean? I blogged about wanting one on February 29th.. I’ve been wanting one for even longer than that.
  5. I’m happily writing away in my “Instant Happy Journal” daily. I blogged about it back in November and mentioned I wanted to start it in 2016, which I did, and I’m still going strong. I believe in positive thought, and the book reminds me of it. It’s the first thing I do when I get to work.. and it sometimes works at setting the mood for what the rest of the day will be like.
  6. Also, maybe I haven’t learned my lesson, but I just ordered “The Tabasco Cookbook” via  Blogging for Books. It has 144 pages and 80 recipes. I am focusing on the “80 recipes” bit. I’m determined to find pretty cookbooks for when I have a kitchen of my own.
  7. Ok, I’m about to confess to something that might change the way you see me: I’m obsessed with Dr. Pimple Popper‘s YouTube channel. Click at your own risk.
  8. …. speaking of obsessed, my crush for Chris Martin has resurfaced. I’m not too in love with Coldplay‘s latest album “A Head Full Of Dreams” (Spotify link).. I like a few songs, but it isn’t like “A Rush Of Blood To The Head“(Spotify link) where I liked every song on it. Or “Parachutes” (Spotify link), where I liked almost every song on it. Still, for some reason, after watching his Carpool Karaoke video and clicking on a few interviews and such, my crush is back. His smile is very genuine.
  9. The Night Manager” was fuuuun. It will premier in the US on April 19th. Make a point to watch it (or let the 6 episodes accumulate and binge-watch) because it’s seriously fun, and there’s lots of eye candy – gorgeous people and gorgeous landscapes. And a very fun plot!

Give it to Leo!

I think last night was one of the very few moments where a looooot of people collectively made the same wish after “and the award for Best Actor goes to”..

  1. … I also really wanted Tom Hardy to win Best Supporting Actor.
  2. … I also realized I haven’t seen as many Oscar movies as I thought I had.. just “The Revenant“, “Mad Max” and “The Martian“. I want to see “Room” and “Brooklyn“. Any others you suggest? Is “Spotlight” a must watch?
  3. Brodo: A Bone Broth Cookbook” is here! I was expecting something else, though. Remember when cookbooks were full of recipes instead of “THIS IS HOW YOU MUST LIVE YOUR LIFE NOW!!!!” affirmations? Longer review to come.. I’m waiting until I at least make one of the broths in the book.
  4. Another thing making its way down to me that I expect AND HOPE to be able to review soon? Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate peanut butter. These are meant to be used for a healthy, pre-workout snack but I am SO RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED.
  5. Currently reading “Station Eleven“, as recommended by Rae. I’m halfway there and I can’t wait to see what happens. After a few faulty starts, where I’d pick it up and forgot everything that had happened previously, I finally got in the groove. I’ve decided to make a habit of reading when I get home from work, and before it gets dark enough for me to start yoga, so I anticipate I’ll be done soon.
  6. ….. ok, the “dark enough for me to start yoga” bit is mostly waiting for it to be quiet enough. Usually, it gets quieter then.. people are home from work and either making or eating dinner. I feel like I enjoy it better when it’s quieter. And dark. It puts me in a more meditative mood, I guess.
  7. Speaking of yoga…. my mat is the cheapo kind so it doesn’t offer much cushion against my floor tiles, so I’ve been considering getting two of the cheapo ones and glueing them together. There are thicker mats available, specially on Amazon, but these are the type of things that I like to see before purchasing… also, it will likely be heavy and awkward to transport, and I wouldn’t want to deal with returning it in case it came damaged. Also, and slightly related, I want a yoga wheel… doesn’t that look AWESOME?!
  8.  I just finished marathoning “Superstore“.. it’s kinda cute and funny. I liked it and I’m kinda sad the first season is over. Have you been watching any new shows? I’m waiting for “Better call Saul” to get a few more episodes before I begin.. maybe I’ll wait for the whole season to be out. I like marathoning shows.
  9. … I can’t wait until “The Night Manager” begins!!

… it has been a while, huh?

I haven’t made one of these lists for so long that I no longer remember how it works.. 😛

  1. Brodo: A Bone Broth Cookbook is making its way to me thanks to Blogging for Books. I’m not much of a broth person…. as in I don’t ever have it. But I’ve been thinking about adding it to my diet for a long time now. I used to make a chicken broth that I’d keep in the fridge and eat for dinner for five days straight. One day I’d boil cabbage and shrimp and add lots of hot sauce… the next day, broccoli and chicken… and even use it as water to make pasta and rice. I loved it, too. But I stopped making it. Sooo, now I want to make more!
  2. Are you guys gonna watch “Fuller House“?? I can admit to being excited for it.. in fact, it’s one of the shows that helped me with my English. I used to watch it every day. Eeeevery day.
  3. “Excellent specimen”, she says, and I can’t agree more. Link takes you to the “High-rise” trailer, starring none other than Hiddleston. Tom Hiddleston. I haven’t seen any of his latest movies.. I need to catch up.
  4. I went to the movies to watch “The Revenant“. Ehh. The photography was amazing… is it weird that I liked Tom Hardy better? I think he should’ve gotten nominated, as well. It felt like an obvious “for your consideration” Oscar movie, sometimes.
  5. Since I brought up another Tom, lemme go back to the first one… anyone watching “The Night Manager“???
  6. SO EXCITED FOR “SUICIDE SQUAD“!!! Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the trailer is absolutely genius. I haven’t been this excited for a DC comic since Nolan did the Batman trilogy……. I think those were the only ones I was genuinely excited for. I don’t even know if I’m gonna like the new Batman v Superman movie, honestly……… but I hope it proves me wrong.
  7. After that Murakami book I haven’t been able to read anything else. I think I need to pick up a weekend book so I can get back on that groove.
  8. How did you feel about the Coldplay/Bruno Mars/Beyoncé SB50 Halftime Show?? I still don’t know what I think. I loooove Coldplay…. but, I dunno…. Superbowl Halftime should be more production than concert, you know? At least to me. Plus, the sound was awful, so if you were watching it live it just didn’t connect. I might have to look it up on YouTube and watch it again.
  9. I’m sooooooo in the mood for Chow Mein!!! I don’t think I’ll actually have it soon, but I crave it often. Chow Mein is comfort food to me… I think Chinese food in general, I don’t know why.. but Chow Mein specifically is one of my most favorite dishes in the world.

Ch-ch-changes! Also, muffins are yum.

Hello” and “Hotline Bling” are stuck in my head. They’re nice enough to take turns, at least.. but they’re stuck, dammit.

  1. Ok, I’ve removed “weekly” from the header. When I first opened the blog, finding the time and the inspiration to write three blog posts per week was easy. I had a lot to say! And the excitement of having a Brand New Blog made me use up all of my free time thinking of posts…. and even scheduling posts. Yes, I had time to write them in advanced. That has changed. And so will the blog. The three/six/nine format will stay, I like that part.. but which one I use will depend on what I wanna say.
  2. I’m going on vacation in 10 days… but who’s counting, right?!
  3. I haven’t read in such a long time. I think that’s what I’m most looking forward to doing during my vacations… sleep first, then read.
  4. I’m also going to finally sew my curtains and a few project bags. I bought the fabric years ago. Years!
  5. Chai teas are yummy brewed directly in milk. Our coldish weather has kinda left us (not entirely, but it’s hotter now…. of course, as soon as I finished knitting a handspun hat….. but I digress) but these teas were sooo comforting while it was cold. I can imagine watching the snow fall while drinking a hot chai latte. Perfection!
  6. …….. I’m still humming “Hotline Bling”. I don’t even know the words that well.. I’ve heard it twice. Twice. And the bit from the memes, which are hilaaaaarious. But it’s stuck and I’m making up words and having fun.
  7. Maybe not that hilarious. Judge for yourself.
  8. And since I went to YouTube to find that previous video, here: Is Jake Gyllenhaal insane?
  9. Are you a muffin, cake, cupcake or cookie person? I think I’m definitely a muffin person. Savory and sweet, no matter, I love them all.

Italian is such a gorgeous language, really.

… and I spoiled that show for myself looking for this pic.

  1. I started watching “Grand Hotel“, the Italian version. I wanted to watch an interesting, current TV series or movie in Italian. And I found this. AND I LOVE IT. Too bad it might not get a second season, if the rumors are true. Anyway. It’s a whodunnit romance….? Someone disappears, her brother comes to the hotel posing as a butler to investigate, he falls in love. And I along with him.
  2. My fake!Converse shoes got ruined somehow.. it started with a small hole, until it became huuuuuge. But now they’re perfect. I wove a patch using my handspun over the hole. I’m purposely going for a grunge-from-the-90s look with my shoes.. so the distress from everyday wear and the woven patch and the dirty look is like, perfect.
  3. I still can’t believe I spoiled GH for myslef looking for the header pic. Nothing too EEK-y, and definitely not anything related to the whodunnit aspect…. but I wasn’t sure if that was going to happen. I guess it did!
  4. I loved Ex Machina. It surprised me! I watched it on the same weekend I saw Interstellar.. I guess I was on a sci-fi kick last weekend.. but I liked Ex Machina a lot more. I don’t know what I’ll watch this weekend.. not sure what I’m in the mood for. Maybe an Italian movie!
  5. I’m so excited to be getting a blending board! This beauty is slowly making its way down here. It will improve my fiber play greatly.. and I’m so, so excited for it. I know I said it already but I just can’t hide it!
  6. On that note, and since some countries celebrated Thanksgiving this past Thursday, I have to say….. I’m very thankful I have you in my life. All of you. Rae and Nicky, who are my blog buds and definitely members of my #squad. My Spinning Godmother, who has been incredibly giving (truly, truly), present and patient. My friends, online and offline, for their constancy. My family, because of who they are. And myself. My life. I’m incredibly thankful.
  7. I want to start doing yoga again… more than any other cardio or exercise. I think yoga will be perfect for what I need. I want to be calmer, I want to move my body, I want to get stronger from the inside out. I’m craving yoga.
  8. Did you get anything during Black Friday? I didn’t. I do have a few packages coming in but nothing from Black Friday. Ebay has been my friend lately… where else can you get a tablet cover for $5 (that in all honesty isn’t as great at standing as the original, but the original costs five times more)?? And a multiple needle felting tool for $3?? One I need, one I wanted. I’m thankful for that, too.
  9. Seriously, seriously in the mood for a bowl full of Goldfish crackers. Cheddar.

What kind of Sunday will this one be?

Sometimes I know what my Sunday will bring since Wednesday… this time, I have a general idea but nothing set in stone.

  1. I have a headache. It’s asking me to take a hot shower. Some headaches ask for showers, others for sleep, others for chocolate, others for coffee. Do your headaches speak to you or is it just me?
  2. I’m making myself a handspun hat. Do I need one? No. But the weather has cooled down significantly and I want one. That should be enough, right?
  3. I haven’t read a book in far too long. I will remedy that tonight. I think. I just don’t know if I want a weekend book or a book book. Or a long book or a short book. Any recommendations???
  4. I’m back to tea.. I have missed it! Adagio orders were a monthly thing for me, but now I have a big enough tea stash not to make more than one, and mainly for my office stash and Christmas gifts. I am loving the tins, though.. that’s dangerous.
  5. I’m gonna say it here and I’m gonna say it now: my ideal yarn stash is one without commercial yarns. Now that I can comfortably spin any weight consistently, there’s no practical need right now for me to have one. It doesn’t mean I won’t purchase yarn again, ever. But for right now, I don’t need to. And the only way I can decrease the size of my stash is by knitting with it, right? I haven’t bought any yarn since March 2014… and 2016 is looking like a yarnless year as well.
  6. My fiber stash, on the other hand………… hee hee.
  7. I’m going on vacation on December 23d. I. Cannot. Wait. I’m literally counting the days. I have a few projects waiting for me being on vacation to be completed. I need curtains for my room. I need to install my jewelry-holding wall hanging. I need to decide where to hang a few pictures I had framed more than six months ago. And I need time off in general!
  8. This week is going to be interesting at work. My colleague is on vacation so I’m the only designer on deck.
  9. Doing laundry. Cleaning my room. Reading a book. My To Do list for this Sunday. I’ve just decided.