Give it to Leo!

I think last night was one of the very few moments where a looooot of people collectively made the same wish after “and the award for Best Actor goes to”..

  1. … I also really wanted Tom Hardy to win Best Supporting Actor.
  2. … I also realized I haven’t seen as many Oscar movies as I thought I had.. just “The Revenant“, “Mad Max” and “The Martian“. I want to see “Room” and “Brooklyn“. Any others you suggest? Is “Spotlight” a must watch?
  3. Brodo: A Bone Broth Cookbook” is here! I was expecting something else, though. Remember when cookbooks were full of recipes instead of “THIS IS HOW YOU MUST LIVE YOUR LIFE NOW!!!!” affirmations? Longer review to come.. I’m waiting until I at least make one of the broths in the book.
  4. Another thing making its way down to me that I expect AND HOPE to be able to review soon? Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate peanut butter. These are meant to be used for a healthy, pre-workout snack but I am SO RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED.
  5. Currently reading “Station Eleven“, as recommended by Rae. I’m halfway there and I can’t wait to see what happens. After a few faulty starts, where I’d pick it up and forgot everything that had happened previously, I finally got in the groove. I’ve decided to make a habit of reading when I get home from work, and before it gets dark enough for me to start yoga, so I anticipate I’ll be done soon.
  6. ….. ok, the “dark enough for me to start yoga” bit is mostly waiting for it to be quiet enough. Usually, it gets quieter then.. people are home from work and either making or eating dinner. I feel like I enjoy it better when it’s quieter. And dark. It puts me in a more meditative mood, I guess.
  7. Speaking of yoga…. my mat is the cheapo kind so it doesn’t offer much cushion against my floor tiles, so I’ve been considering getting two of the cheapo ones and glueing them together. There are thicker mats available, specially on Amazon, but these are the type of things that I like to see before purchasing… also, it will likely be heavy and awkward to transport, and I wouldn’t want to deal with returning it in case it came damaged. Also, and slightly related, I want a yoga wheel… doesn’t that look AWESOME?!
  8.  I just finished marathoning “Superstore“.. it’s kinda cute and funny. I liked it and I’m kinda sad the first season is over. Have you been watching any new shows? I’m waiting for “Better call Saul” to get a few more episodes before I begin.. maybe I’ll wait for the whole season to be out. I like marathoning shows.
  9. … I can’t wait until “The Night Manager” begins!!

5 thoughts on “Give it to Leo!

  1. rae says:

    ahhhh so late, but i am catching up on blog reading! the yoga wheel looks so cool but i’m so clumsy i know i would hurt myself using it, haha. glad you’re enjoying Station Eleven! i prefer marathoning shows too, you get deep into the world and the characters… and you also don’t forget what happened in the last episode like i sometimes do if i have to wait a week :/


    • elisadallomo says:

      Yay! Yes, I’m gonna finish it today. Had a moment of panic when I “misplaced” the Kindle… how was I to remember I had put it in a bag, with my knitting? Sheesh. XD

      My first thought towards the yoga wheel is that I’d break it.. XD I still want one, though. Or maybe it’ll happen like the yoga blocks.. as soon as I found one for reaaaally cheap and got two, I stopped needing them.

      Oh, yes.. marathoning a show has to be one of the best things everrrr. I found a few comedies to binge-watch… like “Wilfred”, which I haven’t seen yet, despite more than three people recommending it to me, so I’m gonna start it.


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