… so, I got “Instant Happy Journal”.

If I’m honest, I first started blogging for one reason: Blogging for books. I’ve always loved writing and journaling and expressing myself in as many ways as I can, really… but I hadn’t really decided to use such a public forum for it until I heard of that website. Originally I thought I would constantly choose fiction, which is what I like to read… but, as it turns out,  I’m trying to go for books that sound interesting to me but I wouldn’t normally go for. In this case, that is “Instant Happy Journal“.

This is definitely not a book I would’ve purchased for myself. I don’t usually look for these types of books on Amazon so it wouldn’t have popped up as a recommendation. But, here’s the thing. And this is a very personal approach to life, which might not work for you: I truly believe that happiness is a choice. Things don’t make you happy, you decide to be happy about things. Again, ’cause it bears repeating, happiness is a choice. It is a choice I make every day when I wake up. However, sometimes I am too busy to make the choice. It’s true! Sometimes I’m too stressed out, or too frustrated, or I have so many things going on at once that it feels like all I’m doing is treading water. “I’m alive but I’m not living“, that kind of thing. So, for those moments, this book is genius. It makes you stop and wonder. Stop and think positive thoughts. Stop and realize that, regardless of anything that’s happening right now, you have the ability – and the obligation! – to find even the tiniest flicker of light. And a tiny flicker illuminates.

… so, I got “Instant Happy Journal” and I am very glad I did. I’ve yet to write in it.. I sort of want to leave the writing for 2016. But it’s in my desk, at work, and when I’m overwhelmed I open a random page, read the header and that’s enough to remind me of the choice I made that morning.

Do you have an instant happiness trigger?

Disclaimer: I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.


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