Homemade granola FTW!

Baking for hours when it’s 38ºC is nooot really my idea of a good time. But, even then, a good time was had.

  1. Guess who just learned to make homemade granola? Yup. I’m so excited! Half the price, all the yums.. and, most of all, personalized. The first run burnt a little bit (you can see it in the header photo) – just because the recipe says “20 mins, stir, 20 mins” it doesn’t mean you should do exactly that. Next time around I did “15 mins, stir, 10 mins” and it was peeerfect. So, I combined both batches, and it’s yummy and crunchy and awesome.
  2. I haven’t been yogaing as much as normal lately.. last month was a weird month in general, which meant I only practiced about three or four times in the whole month.. and then this month I started with one of those colds that put you in bed rest for at least a weekend. Not good. But I’m finally getting out of it and I expect my practice to resume in a matter of days.
  3. Also, I just got an offer for a $20/year membership to the latest Yoga app I’ve fallen in love with: Down Dog. It was hard to delete that email but I don’t need the member-exclusive options right now… and I need to save my pennies. I might’ve regretted my latest ColourPop order when I had to pay off my credit card this month. I did destash all of my other lipsticks, though, and made a small profit.. so I don’t feel that bad. But, yes, back to saving cents and pennies. Or however the thing goes.
  4. I just finished another book I have to review but I thought you all needed a break from all of the reviews. I read it in a day. It was interesting, and fiiiinally a non-fiction book I don’t regret purchasing. You’ll hear about it soon. 🙂
  5. Candy Crush Saga addiction still going full force. Anyone still playing this? Anyone ever played this? Level 1,164 and crushing it. It’s so much fun. I’ve also started doing Jigsaw Puzzles on my phone.. the lack of actual, physical, real-life, catless space has made me make lemonade out of lemons. It’s not the same but it’s soo portable, and soo comfortable.
  6. What TV shows are you guys watching? I saw Stranger Things.. nostalgic and fun, but with all the hype it got I was expecting something better, to be honest. I also might’ve marathoned a show called UnREAL…. about TV producers in a “Bachelor” type show. It’s not even that good but I saw it in about a week. If that’s what producing is really like… then….. man. Poor reality show contestants, that’s all I’ll say.
  7. Also, during my recent sick weekend I marathoned “The Great British Bake Off“. Oh my goodness. Obsessed. I’m so sad Mel, Sue and Mary left, though.. Paul Hollywood is ok and all but Mel & Sue were hilarious, and Mary made the show. Also, one hour of uninterrupted baking and challenges was great. I think it will lose its charm when it moves to Channel 4, with the commercials and cliffhangers and… meh.
  8. I don’t usually follow the Olympic Games so closely, but I did this year. It was easy to do since my cable company decided to have about 14 channels dedicated to it 24/7. It was exciting.. I can only imagine what it felt like for the athletes!
  9. I finally feel like life has restarted for me. September was one of those months I lived as an ostrich.. with my head below ground. Between issues here and there, professionally and personally, I just dug my head and did what I needed to get through it. I got through it. Back to life!

One thought on “Homemade granola FTW!

  1. Nicky says:

    So glad you’re back and isn’t homemade granola just THE BEST!!! My friend made me some for my birthday and I can’t wait to make my own again!!! ((Hugs)) on a rough Sept. ❤


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