… so, I finished “Party of One”.

I’ve never been one of those people that say “do you remember when MTV used to play music videos?” because, by the time I got on the MTV-watching-bandwagon, that wasn’t really happening anymore. I started watching MTV when “The Real World” already had a few seasons under its belt… dating shows like “Next” and, uh, the others were happening.. and there was a lot of other types of”original content” that had nothing to do with music. Except for TRL.

If we want to talk about TV shows that defined my early teenage years that is definitely one of them. “Trading Spaces” on TLC, all of the teenager related TV shows like “Saved by the Bell”, “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, “Boy Meets World”, “Blossom”.. “Dawson’s Creek”, “Gilmore Girls”, “Buffy”, “3d Rock from the Sun”……. and ,of course, TRL. Back then it was the only way I could follow some of my favorite music artists. We didn’t have YouTube, we didn’t have as many gossip sites as we have now… and, honestly, we didn’t get as many of the magazines that were available to American teenagers back then. So I relied on MTV to provide me with as much information about my faves as possible. Back then my VCR was my best friend. And to this day I still distinctly remember how excited I was to record Backstreet Boys’ music video “Show me the meaning of being lonely”…. but not really watching it again on tape because of how sad it made me at the time. I will always remember liking Hanson in spite of MmmBop’s video (I still remember how many m’s it had… and I remember the lyrics as if I’d learned them just yesterday), not really understanding what all the fuss was about Limp Bizkit and thinking they weren’t that great to begin with…. being excited to see artists like Pearl Jam and Radiohead and Foo Fighters on the countdown whenever it happened and even if it didn’t happen more than once. Needless to say both MTV and TRL were a huge part of my life.

… so, I finished “Party of One”. I wanted it mostly for the MTV tidbits and to get a behind the scenes look into a big part of my teens, from one of its protagonists.. but reading about his life was very interesting anyway and I’m glad I requested it for review. It was an easy-to-get-into read.. and I finished it in one sitting.

Did you watch TRL as religiously as I did?

Disclaimer: I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.


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