Previous handspun being knit into socks!


And current handspun, while being plied.


I sewed a project bag!


I also got a blending board…


… and I can’t stop…


… making rolags!!

Find some of these pics on Instagram: @elisadallomo


4 thoughts on “WED27JAN

  1. rae says:

    cute project bag and beautiful rolags! by the time i finally learn to spin i’m sure you’ll be a famous fiber artiste… i should get on your waiting list now ;D


      • rae says:

        definitely sometime this year! i love the idea of being able to use wool from smaller farms who only have fiber for sale so i gotta get into spinning sometime. but i feel like i need to focus exclusively on my knitting stash and not bring in any new crafts for just a liiiiittle while longer. maybe i’ll start trying to spin in the summer when my knitting mojo slows down a bit!


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